Better Balance: Time Manangement

Online course by Nökkvi Fjalar

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About This Course

Nökkvi Fjalar has an effective and practical online course that helps you use your time to do more of what you love to do. Nökkvi believes that time is the most precious thing we have and it is therefore important for us to make good use of time. Better Balance is a “online course series” that covers the most important aspects behind being in balance in life. Nökkvi Fjalar says he doesn’t know all the answers but is ambitious to share what has helped him to stay in balance.

In this online course, he goes over 5 steps that have helped him get the most out of his time. He explains these steps and talks about how they have affected his own life for the better. Efficiency and time management is something that has helped him enjoy more with his family, friends and then to have quality time for himself to cultivate body and soul.

Nökkvi Fjalar has 5 years of experience in business operations and is a pioneer in social media. He is a co-founder and partner of SWIPE ehf.

What you'll learn

This online course is for those who:

Nökkvi Fjalar Orrason

Co-Founder & Co-owner of SWIPE ehf.

Nökkvi Fjalar has lectures, courses, online courses and training that helps you live life on your own terms. Nökkvi Fjalar is self-taught, the methodology he uses in his online course draws inspiration from individuals who are high acivers worldwide in this field. Nökkvi Fjalar is a pioneer in social media, founder and owner of SWIPE ehf. Nökkvi Fjalar specializes in helping others do what they love to do.


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